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Create a Confident User Experience with Touchless Restrooms

Say good-bye to messy hands-on situations with HEPA-filtered hand dryers.

It’s time to be informed, as users, building owners, and product providers. Health experts from the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend handwashing and drying with either hand dryers or paper towels as our top defense. World Dryer puts hygienic solutions within arm’s reach.

Wash Germs Away, The Right Way

CDC tells us to wet, scrub, rinse and dry every time we wash our hands. Make sure you’re scrubbing for at least 20 seconds and dry completely to protect your health and those around you. World Dryer offers solutions to speed up the final step and encourage proper handwashing.

Wet, Scrub, Rinse and Dry

Don’t Fold to Fiction

Stories keep changing, but technology and science challenge those myths. Get the facts to find what solution is right for your restroom.

Bust Hand Dryer Myths
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Customer Stories

Our customers know our products best

  • West Hall Middle School

    West Hall Middle School

    Students could either sprint between bells or split their dry time in half. They turned to World Dryer to deliver faster hand drying speeds and promote hygiene.

  • Little Owl Social Pub

    The Little Owl Social Pub

    The patron experience carries into the restroom. Little Owl founders installed hand dryers with HEPA filtration for another level of cleanliness and customer service.

  • Fairplex

    Director of facilities prioritizes solutions in place, like hands-free sensors, for guest satisfaction and overall sanitation.


Featured Studies

Hear what experts have to say

  • Mayo Clinic Logo

    Mayo Clinic Study

    This study conducted by a worldwide leader in medical care, research and education concluded there are “no statistically significant differences in the efficiency of four different hand-drying methods for removing bacteria from washed hands.”

  • American Journal of Infection Control Logo


    This study demonstrated that bacteria can be isolated from unused paper towels and that they may be transferred to individuals after handwashing. This may have implications in some industrial and clinical settings as well as in individuals with compromised immune systems.