HEPA-filtered VMax® V2

Take performance to the max with the World Dryer VMax® V2 restroom hands-in hand dryer, equipped with HEPA filtration. It hygienically dries hands in as little as 10 seconds and its 25% wider opening provides ample room for no-touch use. This wall mounted hand dryer also features a convenient LED display for maintenance alerts.


Hygienic: HEPA filter captures 99.97% of particles, and touchless operation offers a more hygienic experience. 

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic Design: Creates a comfortable user experience with a wide hand drying cavity. 

Water Reservoir

Water Reservoir: Residual water is collected in a dedicated reservoir to help prevent wet floor hazards. 

Maintenance Alerts

Maintenance Alerts: Signals when filter should be changed or water reservoir emptied through LED display.

ADA Compliant

ADA Compliant: Surface mount hand dryer installation complies with ADA, no need for expensive recess kits or additional installation expenses. 

Product Specifications



ADA Compliant


Cover Finish

Cast Aluminum - with epoxy paint (white or black)
Stainless Steel - with polished or brushed finish

Dryer sizes

Unit size: 14.5” x 12.25” x 3.9”
Unit Shipping Size: 17.3” x 15.2” x 7.5”


Height: 14.5"


Length: 12.25"


Width: 3.9"


10 year limited

Electrical: 110-120V

110-120 V
110-120 V, 50/60 Hz
15 Amp

Electrical: 208V / 220-240V

208 V/ 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
15 Amp

Electrical: 277 V

277 V 1150 Watts, 50/60 Hz
15 Amp

Sound Level

69 dBA
Sound measured at 79 in (2 m) in semi-anechoic chamber.

Operation Automatic
ADA Compliant Yes
Cover Finish Silver
Dryer sizes Unit Size: 13"x26.25"x9.25"                 
Shipping Size: 16"x28.5"x12"                             
Height 13" or 16"
Length 26.25" or 28.5"
Width 9.25" or 12"
Warranty 5 year limited
Electrical: 110-120V 110-120 V
10 Amps
60 Hz
Electrical: 220-240V 220-240 V
50-60 Hz