As far as energy-efficient hand dryers go, Airforce® is it. This ambient-air hand dryer uses only 20% of energy compared to traditional hand dryers, due to its non-heated technology. Plus, it dries hands in as little as 12 seconds, and features sanitary, touchless activation.

Contemporary Design

Contemporary Design: Stylish rounded profile.

Fast Dry Time

Fast Dry Time: Dries hands in as little as 12 seconds.

Ambient Temperature:

Ambient Temperature: Uses up to 80% less energy than conventional hand dryers.

Cleaner Environment

Cleaner Environment: Antimicrobial technology protects the treated surfaces on the dryer by inhibiting the growth of bacteria, mold and fungus that can cause stains, odors or deterioration.

Exclusive Design

Exclusive Design: Modular design allows for easier maintenance, reducing downtime.

Touchless Activation

Touchless Activation: Sensor detects user for efficient, more hygienic operation.

Multi-port Diffuser

Multi-port Diffuser: Nozzle maximizes drying effectiveness and comfort.

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