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Learn how upgrading to World Dryer hand dryers can help you meet sustainability goals and contribute to earning LEED credits.

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World Dryer has been around for over half a century, continuously innovating to bring your restrooms top-of-the-line hand dryers and baby changing stations.

VERDEdri Saves 100 Trees Over Its Service Life

Minimizing paper waste is just one of many benefits of switching to VERDEdri.

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SMARTdri® Plus Series

Uses up to 80% less energy than conventional hand dryers and dries hands fast.

HEPA-filtered VMax® V2

Hygienic, HEPA-filtered hands-in dryer has a built-in water reservoir to prevent wet floor hazards.

eXtremeAir® GXT

Compact hand dryer provides fast hand drying and takes up little space.


Contemporary style with unique nozzle that maximizes drying effectiveness.

Success Stories and Articles

School Facilities Impact Student Performance

Providing a cleaner learning environment with World Dryer hand dryers can make a positive difference for students.

The Little Owl Social Pub

Watch how World Dryer has created the optimal restroom experience for this Illinois small business.

A Platform for Change: Baby Changing Stations

Did you know baby changing stations weren’t introduced until the 1980s? Here’s how they’ve evolved since then.