Optimize space, energy use and performance with the World Dryer SLIMdri® hand dryer. It features a modern, low-profile design with on/off heating controls and universal voltage — so that it can be installed in any commercial restroom and adapt to the building’s voltage. Touchless operation and treated surfaces provide a sanitary, seamless experience.

Cleaner Environment

Cleaner Environment: Antimicrobial technology protects the treated surfaces on the dryer by inhibiting the growth of bacteria, mold and fungus that can cause stains, odors or deterioration.

Compact Size

Compact Size: Slim profile optimizes space within the restroom. 

Universal Voltage

Universal Voltage: Voltage extends from 110-240 V to adapt to almost any facility.

Energy Saving

Energy Saving: Uses up to 80% less energy than conventional hand dryers.

Touchless Activation

Touchless Activation: Sensor detects user for efficient, more hygienic operation.

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ADA Compliant: Surface mount hand dryer installation and compact design ensure compliance for walkways and pathways.

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