Nova® 1 Plug-in

Nova 1 Plug-in

For a quick and easy upgrade, look to the Nova® 1 plug-in hand dryer, featuring automatic activation. An alternative to paper towels, this easy-to-install commercial hand dryer minimizes paper waste.

Compact Size

Compact Size: Slim profile optimizes space within the restroom.

Standard Voltage

Standard Voltage: Compatible with 120V wall outlets.

Touchless Activation

Touchless Activation: Sensor detects user for efficient, more hygienic operation.

Easy Installation

Easy Installation: Equipped with external three-prong conductor plug cord.

Retrofit Option

Retrofit Option: Convenient upgrade to hand drying without major construction.

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ADA Compliant: Surface mount hand dryer installation and compact design ensure compliance for walkways and pathways.

UL Certification