Nova® 5

The World Dryer Nova® 5 series of restroom hand dryers offers a range of finishes and activations. There are touchless, sensor-activated hand dryers and manual ones that require the push of a button. All are durable and vandal resistant.

Automatic or Manual

Automatic or Manual: Sensor-activated models and pushbutton models available.

Quiet Operation

Quiet Operation: Suitable for noise-sensitive environments.

Vandal Resistant

Vandal Resistant: Durable construction withstands heavy abuse of public restrooms.

Universal Nozzle

Universal Nozzle: May be installed fixed or with the ability to swivel.

Durable Material

Durable Material: Made of die cast aluminum with white epoxy enamel finish.

Heated Drying

Heated Drying: Standard heating element provides comfortable hand drying.

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