About Us

See how we've evolved over seven decades.

Hand Dryers Ahead of Their Time

World Dryer was founded in 1950 when we introduced the Model A hand dryer — which set the industry standard with its iconic look. Since then, changes in the market and customer preferences have allowed World Dryer to continually set new industry standards in technology and aesthetics. We’ve come a long way since the Model A and now offer our VERDEdri® hand dryer as our flagship product, featuring HEPA filtration, high-speed drying and ADA compliance.

We manufacture a broad portfolio of products designed to fit the needs of any commercial restroom environment, all of which focus on hygiene and offer low cost of ownership and environmental savings. Our goal is to offer the cleanest, safest and most environmentally friendly hand dryers in the world. 


Our Never-ending Mission

To build solutions based on our customers’ challenges and insights without compromising the pillars of safety, hygiene, performance and compliance. 


Our Story

1950s: World Dryer introduces the Model A and is formed as a U.S. corporation.

1960s: World Dryer expands to worldwide distribution. 

1970s: Hand dryers are significantly adapted worldwide. 

1980s: World Dryer introduces sensor-operated hand dryers. 

1990s: World Dryer acquires Electric-Aire hand dryer company. 

2000s: World Dryer acquires and further develops Nova®, AirMax®, Airforce®, SMARTdri®, SLIMdri®. 

2010s: World Dryer introduces VMax® and VERDEdri®. 

2018: Zurn® acquires World Dryer. 

2022: Zurn merges with Elkay® to become a multi-industry leader.