Hand Hygiene


World Dryer® provides superior solutions.

Cleaning hands doesn’t end at the sink — drying them completes the process. World Dryer’s touchless hand dryers provide a more hygienic experience without the need to touch paper towels that have been exposed to bacteria. Some models are equipped with HEPA filtration to capture 99.97% of particles, 0.3um or larger, cleaning air before it reaches hands.

Here’s why World Dryer hand dryers and Zurn® touchless solutions are ideal for commercial restrooms.

Benefits Beyond Bacteria Removal


While one Mayo Clinic study shows that many hand drying methods are effective for removing bacteria from washed hands, automatic dryers have the upper hand in other ways.


What about unused paper towels that are exposed to restroom air? This AJIC study found bacterial contaminants on them.



Sensor activation allows for a no-touch, more hygienic experience versus grabbing a paper towel.



No need to worry about overflowing, dirty trash receptacles and accidentally touching used paper towels.

Learn more about the science behind hand dryers, their efficacy and why you can use them with confidence.