The Little Owl Social Pub

Thoughtful Decisions Keep Customers Flocking to The Little Owl

Maybe not everyone knows your name, but there’s a reason The Little Owl calls itself a social pub. Nestled in downtown Brookfield, Illinois, the pub became a welcomed staple in the neighborhood from the get-go. The Little Owl returns the sentiment, making every customer feel right at home with quality food, cold drinks and a warm atmosphere.

The Little Owl Social Pub
Keeping it in the family

From the board games selected for the loft and arcade below to what’s on tap and where the food is sourced, no detail was overlooked. Perhaps that’s because the bar and restaurant business runs in the family. Sibling co-founders, Loukia and Stathi Giafis, grew up in the service industry, helping their parents operate their establishments.

Safe to say, Loukia and Stathi know more than a thing or two about what goes into turning a social pub into a gathering place for friends and families. The Giafises didn’t rush the process or bump heads along the way. Aside from a few arcade football showdowns, the two were on the same team and completely in sync with their vision. The menu. The murals. Trivia night. The Little Owl was thoughtfully planned. Nothing was left up in the air, down to their selection of hand dryers.

A world of reasons

“We had a few months to put this place together,” said Stathi Giafis, The Little Owl co-Founder. “We made a lot of good decisions together. It was nice to have time to pick and choose exactly what we wanted – how we wanted things laid out. In the restaurant business, usually people see the bad things before they see the good, so having a clean bathroom is super important.”

Loukia and Stathi installed World Dryer VERDEdri hand dryers in their restrooms as an environmentally friendly solution, as well as a user-friendly one. Customers care about the values of a business, as well as the look and feel. A restroom environment can make or break the customer experience. They notice overflowing bins or outdated appliances.

“The HEPA filter added another level of sanitation and another level of cleanliness when it came to the service of our customers,” explained Loukia Giafis, The Little Owl co-Founder. “For us here at The Little Owl, the World Dryer experience has been great. If I’m speaking to another fellow business owner, I’d highly recommend it for multiple reasons – one, overall sanitation and cleanliness for staff and customers and the other, saving on paper towels and energy. As a small business owner, any kind of savings helps. And honestly, they look cool and brought the whole vibe of the place together.”

Stathi Giafis
“Not having to worry about what's going on in the bathroom, lets me focus on what actually matters...and that's the customers."
The Little Owl Social Pub | Stathi Giafis, co-founder