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Clean Hands is Everyone’s Business

No matter the industry, the well-being of people, businesses, and society depends on clean hands. HEPA-filtered hand dryers encourage CDC drying guidelines. Be confident in your drying solution and make hand sanitation a business priority. Are you ready to bring Cleaner than Air™ to your facility?

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A Platform for Change: Baby Changing Stations

Before the 80s, moms were limited to visit public places due to the lack of baby changing stations. American restroom design, shopping, and dining habits changed once women joined the workforce. Learn how women and baby changing stations influenced family-friendly facilities.

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Join the Rally for Global Sanitation

World Toilet Day aims to tackle the global issue of achieving sustainable sanitation and water for all by 2030. Since commencing in 2001, it's reached significant milestones, including hygienic programs and toilet system installations in healthcare facilities in wide-reaching developing countries. Learn how you can make a difference today.

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