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The Importance of School Facilities in Improving Student Performance

Sean Martin, General Manager, World Dryer

With classes now officially back in session, a big area of focus for school administrators will be on the design of their classrooms. Studies have found that noisy, artificially lit, hot and poorly ventilated classrooms can lead to poor test results. In fact, a recent article published in 1843 Magazine examines these findings and discusses how architects from across the globe are utilizing school design to foster new ways of learning.

The classroom continues to transform as the needs of students and teachers have changed over the years. Several architects have made efforts to make school buildings more than just functional buildings, but facilities with comfortable and innovative features designed for the needs of students and teachers. Some of these enhancements include adding large windows, wider hallways, activity corners and adaptable communal spaces. Other architects have made special efforts to accommodate children with learning or physical disabilities.

Since most schools cannot afford to make major renovations or build a new school building, one easy way to improve the school environment for students can be found in the restroom. The restroom is not only a cost center, it is often a place of misbehavior. There are several ways that replacing paper towels with World Dryer hand dryers in your school restroom can help with both:

  • Reduces cost associated with paper towels by up to 99%
  • Discourage vandalism because of their durability
  • Help limit the likelihood of garbage on the floor and clogged toilets

From K-12 to universities, the World Dryer VERDEdri™ high speed hand dryer is a popular choice. VERDEdri accommodates all students. It is ADA compliant without the necessity of a recess kit, simplifying installation and reducing installation costs.

School facility managers can adjust the intelligent and flexible controls of its two-speed motor controls for the optimal drying time, sound level and energy savings level for each age group of students. The ability to adjust the sound level of these fast, powerful hand dryers is particularly important in creating an environment when students can learn and thrive – distraction free.

In short, the school environment has a powerful impact on the overall learning and performance of students. Read how World Dryer helped Wheaton Academy create an environment perfect for its students.

Sean Martin is general manager for Bensenville, Ill.–based World Dryer (, a leading global manufacturer of hand dryers for more than 50 years. He can be reached at