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Wash Away the Doubt and Dry with Confidence

It’s time to be informed, as users, building owners, and manufacturers. Health experts from the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend handwashing as our top defense. World Dryer offers its expertise to help answer your top questions on hand dryer use.

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The New Wave of Touchless Restrooms

So many of our daily tasks call for us to be hands-on. Reducing touchpoints on high trafficked areas like the restroom can offer improved user experience and facility cleanliness. HEPA-filtered hand dryers offer a quick and easy retrofit opportunity that promote better drying practices.

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A Smarter Way of Hand Drying

Modern hand dryers are now faster, more energy-efficiency, highly durable, and equipped with hygienic technologies. One of the biggest advantages of specifying newer models is the ability to modify them based on the needs of different restroom settings.

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Fact or Myth: Hand Dryers Spread Germs

We’ve all read it somewhere: hand dryers spread germs. These click-bait headlines can cause the real harm. It puts hygienic best practices and solutions, like hand dryers, into question when many times they are the answer. Together, we can all have a hand in staying informed and healthy.

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