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How to Gain New Patrons with Just Your Restroom

You’ve poured everything into your restaurant, from dreaming up the concept to making it a delicious reality. Afterall, it’s about the food, right? Well, sort of. In the Insta-age, the dish needs to look as good as it tastes, and patrons want that worthy pic with the perfect lighting. Keep them coming back for more apps and snaps.

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Dads Need Baby Changing Stations, Too

We’re talking about men’s restrooms, and contrary to the notion that men don’t help with diaper changes, many dads indeed do help with babies and toddlers. But, all too often, men’s restrooms lack baby changing stations.

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Choosing a Hand Dryer by its Cover

Choosing the best hand dryer for your business can be a bewildering decision when there are so many varieties of models on the market. Performance, compliance, sound level, hygienic options and energy efficiency are some things to consider. But what about the cover itself?

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