Legacy Charter School

Public Charter School Raises Hand for SMARTdri

Legacy Charter School completes the primary school journey, supporting K5 through 12th grade throughout its two campuses. The public charter school, located in Greenville, South Carolina, prepares scholars in academic excellence, nutrition and fitness. Students also learn core social, relationship and emotional skills to round out an already robust curriculum.

Legacy Charter School
Doing the homework

A recent campuswide renovation project inspired Barry Bowen, Legacy Charter School director of operations, to go beyond the classrooms and past the school halls. Restroom facilities can eat away at a budget, especially for academic institutions. They also can become a social scene for germs during cold and flu season. Certified in health care safety, Bowen understands the importance of a clean environment conducive to learning. 

After completing a cost analysis of the restrooms, Bowen observed that students and faculty used two paper towels, on average, each time they washed their hands. With 1,000 combined users, he guesstimated they washed their hands at least four times per day. That added up to 8,000 paper towels per day at $20 per case, resulting in a cost of $60. He then added in an additional $10 for waste, making it a total cost of $70 per day. With a school year of 180 days, the school’s cost for paper products was approximately $12,600 annually. High-speed hand dryers would produce a payback in less than one year, while offering a hygienic, hands-free environment.

SMARTdri heads the class

With the business case for hand dryers as convincing as the numbers, it was time to choose. The school reviewed the World Dryer portfolio, before landing on the SMARTdri® Series for its speed, energy efficiency, and vandal proof design. Bowen liked that World Dryer designed the coating on the SMARTdri to limit organism growth for an added measure of sanitation. The hand dryers ultimately delivered next-level potential through its intelligent on/off heating, variable motor speed, and ventilation to suit the different age groups of students.

After installation, SMARTdri worked up to its name. The school saved the estimated amount and then some. Additionally, Legacy Charter School incorporated its research and wise decision making into a learning opportunity for the students. They understood firsthand the importance of savings costs and making responsible, eco-friendly choices.