West Hall Middle School

WHMS Students Take Operational Efficiency Into Their Own Hands

Brrring! As soon as the first bell rings, West Hall Middle School in Oakwood, Georgia, sets in motion. Staff and students follow a tight schedule to stay on track with the day ahead. WHMS also believes in collaborating and turning obstacles into opportunities. Every year, the school challenges its student body to think about ways to operate smarter. Nicole Kriews’ Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) students came up with an idea that wouldn’t just improve time; it would enhance sanitation and energy efficiency. That opportunity? New hand dryers.

West Hall Middle School
A real-world experience

During the final semester, the FBLA class focused on school improvement initiatives. One student proposed upgrading hand dryers across the campus. Upon further research, students were discouraged by the long dry times, especially when transitioning between passing time and class. They’d either get stuck waiting or hurry through washing – not ideal for time, energy or sanitation. So, the classroom got to work and contacted World Dryer for support.

“World Dryer delivered in a big way,” said Nicole Kriews, WHMS Business Education Teacher. “Their customer service was outstanding and treated my students like they were important customers.” WHMS students managed the majority of the communication with the World Dryer team, and in choosing the optimal dryers to be installed at the school.

Sharing the world of benefits

World Dryer’s hand dryers allowed WHMS to upgrade its locker rooms and restrooms promptly. The school installed ten VERDEdri hand dryers with a HEPA filter that captures 99.97% of particles 0.3um or larger, to clean the air before it reaches hands. The hand dryers boast a 12-second dry time and use only 950 watts. WHMS improved its restrooms' effectiveness with faster dry times and powerful energy savings, translating to a 78 percent savings in operational costs when compared to the previous installations. For any school, especially one with nearly 1,000 students, savings are always important. The new hand dryers will also promote better handwashing practices and ultimately enhance sanitation and health on campus. 

“Each day, I serve our learning community and get to witness confident, capable students take action in their own interest,” added Ethan Banks, WHMS Principal. “This initiative improves the efficiency of the hand dryers, which benefits the environment and puts a little more time on the clock in the classroom.”

Ethan Bank's image below is courtesy of The Times

Ethan Banks
“This initiative improves the efficiency of the hand dryers, which benefits the environment and puts a little more time on the clock in the classroom.” 
West Hall Middle School | Ethan Banks, Principal