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Wheaton Academy Finds Brilliance in Differences

Founded in 1853, Wheaton Academy prepares students, grades 9-12, for college through its readiness model, lower student/teacher ratio, AP class offering and international exchange program. Students can participate in various leadership opportunities, internships abroad, school activities, and clubs.

Wheaton Academy
A hands-on approach

During a performance at the Fine Arts Center, the head of the school noticed mounting lines to use slow, outdated hand dryers in the restroom. Some frustrated restroom users skipped the wait and left with dripping hands. The Academy decided it was time to upgrade. On top of speed, compliance and noise level greatly mattered.

Richard Mills, Wheaton Academy maintenance associate, began researching hand dryer manufacturers, even visiting community public restrooms to try out ranging models. World Dryer stood out. Knowing Mills' hands-on approach, the World Dryer sales rep brought the product portfolio to test and determine the best fit. It wasn’t a one-size-fits all outcome. For the Fine Arts Center, the Academy selected World Dryer’s SMARTdri® Plus, due to its high-speed, efficient and hygienic operation. Its intelligent controls sweetened the decision. Maintenance could lower the air flow and sound level during performances. In the Field House, ADA mattered. SLIMdri® hand dryers perform 40 percent faster and 70 percent more energy efficient than other surface-mounted ADA hand dryers. The school installed World Dryer’s AirMax® hand dryers throughout the rest of the campus, which feature ultrafast dry times and use half the energy.

Future looks bright

Wheaton Academy ordered all the dryers to be automatic, hands free and stainless steel for better enhanced sanitation. Mills made clear that paper towels were never an option. “It just becomes a huge mess. You have paper towels all over the floor and everywhere. Too often, they get thrown around, or they get flushed and the plumbing suffers.”

The Academy is very pleased with the new hand dryers. “Wheaton Academy presents every student with selection, so skill sets can be maximized and paired up for performance,” Mills pointed out. “World Dryer understood that each of our facility’s buildings had exceptional needs and functionality. Every hand dryer was handpicked for the unique features. World Dryer added that extra level of confidence through attention and service. We couldn’t be happier.”

Wheaton Academy
“World Dryer added that extra level of confidence through attention and service. We couldn’t be happier.” 
Wheaton Academy | Richard Mills, Maintenance Associate