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10 Easy Ways to Make a Difference This Earth Day

Did you know that Earth Day is the world’s largest environmental movement? For more than 40 years, Earth Day events have been held across the world on April 22nd; now with more than a billion people in 193 countries having a green celebration.

Each year Earth Day has a theme that spotlights a major environmental issue. This year’s theme is End Plastic Pollution – with a focus on the actions we can take to reduce plastic pollution, such as choosing to reduce, reuse and recycle plastic items. One of the key tenets of Earth Day is taking personal responsibility for the impact individual actions have on the environment. Here are 10 easy ways to make a difference this Earth Day:

  • Walk, bike, carpool or use public transportation instead of driving
  • Fix leaky faucets to avoid wasting water
  • Volunteer with local environmental organizations
  • Install birdfeeders and birdhouses
  • Plant a tree
  • Turn off lights when you leave a room
  • Pick up waste along the road
  • Keep indoor temperatures moderate
  • Plug appliances into a power strip that can easily be turned on and off
  • Install high-speed hand dryers to reduce energy consumption and waste

At World Dryer, we know the importance of being mindful of the environment as we go about our daily activities. For this reason, we believe in both sustainability and performance, and each day we strive to provide both. For more than 60 years, World Dryer products have helped organizations to conserve energy consumption and reduce waste while realizing environmental and economic savings. Our innovative hand dryers offer intelligent, flexible technology to help your facility meet or exceed LEED performance requirements.

This year we challenge you to join us as we commit to make greener choices, not just on Earth Day but every day.

Earth Day Difference