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A “Green” Hospital Delivers Good Health to All

In a recent article, Healthcare Facilities Today explains how good hospital design can lead to a positive work environment for hospital employees; which can lead to better patient care. Environmentally-friendly hospitals can help to encourage the healing process and improve patient well-being. There is no doubt green hospital design has a notable impact on everyone.

Conversely, poor hospital design tends to do just the opposite, resulting in low quality service for patients due to inefficiencies and outdated technology. For example, there are aspects of the hospital environment that can aggravate patients and cause them stress, like a lack of natural light and natural views due to a windowless room or closed-off hallways, bad acoustics, crowded waiting rooms and badly lit areas. Hospitals that do not keep up with today’s approved healthcare designs and upgraded technology run the risk of not functioning efficiently and effectively.

According to the article, when working to make a hospital more sustainable, it’s important to focus on these key areas:

  1. Water efficiency
  2. Energy efficiency
  3. Material sustainability
  4. Solid waste management
  5. Site sustainability
  6. Indoor environmental quality

One straightforward way for hospitals to implement energy efficiency initiatives is by replacing paper towels with high speed hand dryers. Automatic hand dryers can offer your hospital more than energy savings as many of them are also ADA compliant — allowing your hospital to accommodate the needs of all visitors. Additionally, since hospitals are a place where cleanliness matters, automatic hand dryers are also extremely hygienic with many models including technology to inhibit the growth of bacteria and mold. There are a range of energy-efficient hygienic hand dryers to choose from, allowing your facility to choose the hand dryers with the right airflow, sound and energy levels for your facility.

World Dryer has been helping hospitals ease their burden on the environment for more than 60 years! We know that each hospital restroom has different design and application requirements, and we are confident that we can help you find the right high-speed hand dryer for your hospital from our full portfolio of state-of-the-art World Dryer hand dryers.

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