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Restaurant Owners: Is It Time to Trade in Those Old Hand Dryers?

The August edition of QSR magazine published an article I wrote about high-speed hand dryers being a restaurant's secret weapon for success. In it, I pointed out that hand dryers can actually be the unsung heroes in a restaurant’s success story. If you are reading this and you operate a restaurant, your first thought might be that with the many business issues on your plate, hand dryers? Really? Yes, really. Here’s why:

The state of your restroom may rank well above investing in new furniture or front-of-house uniforms — because it may determine if diners ever return or recommend your establishment to family and friends. Consider the following scenario: You’ve invested in state-of-the-art kitchen equipment and recruited a professional team that has your restaurant working like a well-oiled machine. Your latest social media marketing campaign is going viral and lines are forming out the door. However, there may be one thing that stands between you and total market domination — those outdated, slow-to-dry, battle-worn hand dryers in your restroom.

If this scenario seems a little far-fetched, consider that when it comes to the impression of your restaurant, appearances make a huge difference. And there is more to this story. Restaurants that rely on outdated models are also missing out on the many benefits of today’s high-speed hand dryers, such as energy efficiency, hygienic features and lightning-fast dry times.

No matter what business you are in, it is all about the customer experience. Customers are savvy about health and avoid touching surfaces that contain germs. This is especially true of restaurant bathrooms frequented by a steady stream of patrons. Additionally, they expect any technology they use to be quick, smart and provide better service. When it comes to efficiency, the new generation of hand dryers is light years ahead of previous models. They can dry hands in under 12 seconds using less than 950 watts while providing a steady stream of warm air for user comfort. Plus, modern hand dryers provide an environmentally-friendly alternative to paper towels and older traditional dryers.

Upgrading to new automatic high-speed dryers is simply a sound investment for any restaurant. You will gain energy efficiency and hygienic features coupled with top-of-the-line aesthetics that will enhance your customers’ overall experience. And, like the traditional models of yesteryear, the high-speed hand dryers of today will provide years of great service, but at a fraction of the cost.

Your customers will love the streamlined designs and efficiency of modern hand dryers and your staff will rave about the easy maintenance these models offer.

So, think about it. If they are happy, how about you? Isn’t it time you made the upgrade?

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