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How to Gain New Patrons With Just Your Restroom

You’ve poured everything into your restaurant, from dreaming up the concept to making it a delicious reality. Afterall, it’s about the food, right? Well, sort of. In the Insta-age, the dish needs to look as good as it tastes, and patrons want that worthy pic with the perfect lighting. Keep them coming back for more apps and snaps.   


Get your restaurant trending

Whether you use social platforms for personal or business purposes, your aim is to make a connection. That’s the aim of every post. In return, your followers let you know when you’ve piqued their interest by liking, posting, and sharing that post. The more likes, the more potential for patrons entering your doors.


Attract the #BathroomSelfies

For many social media users, restrooms are as familiar of a backdrop as ocean sunsets, painted murals with angel wings, and wide-open spaces. #BathroomSelfies has generated over 244,149 posts on Instagram. This highly popular hashtag is spurring many service industry businesses to make their restroom stand out in the Insta-crowd. Capture patrons’ attention by adding attention-grabbing wallpapers, ample mirrors, tiles, glitzy light fixtures, and other décor elements.


Clear the way to shine

Keep your restroom tidy and spotless, so you keep the attention on the patron, not the chaos piling up in the background. Waste is not so Insta-worthy. No one wants to look at or like pictures of overflowing bins. High efficiency hand dryers alone can help you accomplish quick maintenance, while being eco-friendly. Your staff will have time to focus on making it sparkle, instead of the emptying the bins and picking up paper towels. Be a clean snap instead of a constant sweep.


Hashtag with hand dryers

Still not convinced the selfie game is as hot as your latest menu add? Vox Magazine says this trend is anything but fading. New customers, among these Yelp reviewers, admitted visiting a restaurant with the sole purpose of taking a selfie in their restroom. A space that was once considered of low importance can now become your next opportunity to bring in new and returning patrons to your business.

Gain New Patrons