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Break the Hand Dryer Dilemma: 5 Things to Know

As a facility manager, overseeing the operations of a restroom facility isn’t always a walk in the park. As you know restrooms largely impact both the expenses and the satisfaction rates of a building. But are the same concerns driving you to the same dilemma: should my facility offer paper towels or hand dryers?

Solve your dilemma by finding answers to your top five hand drying concerns.


1. Hand dryers are anti-hygienic

The truth is that bacteria exists in every single restroom environment. Even unused paper towels can harbor bacteria, as concluded by The U.S. National Institute of Health. Regular upkeep and proper sanitation make the biggest impact, along with investing in the latest-gen hand dryers. Newer models feature HEPA filters and other antimicrobial technologies. Designed to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold and fungus, as well as extending the dryer’s serviceable life.


2. Hand dryers don’t dry hands effectively

This opinion stems from two different causes. One: outdated models in the market leave users with the perception that all hand dryers operate the same; slowly and inefficiently.

Two: visitors tend to overlook the need to properly dry their hands, unavoidably rushing through this process. But wet hands spread more bacteria than dry hands. Presenting a potentially large health issue for your building. Fortunately, modern hand dryers can dry hands in as little as 12 seconds, pleasing even your most inpatient visitor.


3. Hand dryers are more expensive than paper towels

In order to prove that hand dryers are the most economical choice, World Dryer created a cost savings infographic, featuring the savings of a moderate sized restaurant.

The total cost per year spent on paper towels with a 250-usage level was $3,562.50. On the other hand, the cost per year of installing a VERDEdri® was $29.73. Racking up a total cost savings of $3,532.77 per year! See how much your business can save on operational costs by using our savings calculator


4. Hand dryers are difficult to install and maintain

Installation can depend on the hand dryer model and design. Although, many new models are already surface-mounted making installation quite simple. Also helping you comply with required service laws like ADA compliance.

Dryers that are high quality don’t require much mechanical attention or repairs to operate properly. Just regular maintenance and upkept is required. Better yet, there’s no more restocking, storing or reordering required with a hand dryer installation.


5. Hand dryers aren’t worth making the switch

Here’s a customer testimony that might just make you reconsider. Jim DeMonaco director of facilities at Fairflex, Los Angeles said “We’re not cleaning the restrooms as often or as long. We’re not emptying trash removing wads on the floor. I went from one attendant per restroom to one attendant per two restrooms. Most importantly, our guest satisfaction ratios rose overall for the Fair experience.

Give visitors what they want: sanitation, while your facility saves money and earns LEED credits.

Break Hand Dryer Dilemma