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Enhance the Restroom Experience With Hand Dryers

Improving the customer experience should be the primary objective when building commercial restrooms. Yet a range of other circumstances influence their planning and design. Often, the biggest driver is cost.  

Besides eliminating paper towel waste and cost, hand dryers offer restrooms multiple benefits through their design. Helping you increase customer satisfaction while scoring cost-effective solutions on commercial restroom projects. 


Hygienic Design

Building high-quality restrooms is paramount to any construction project. Well functioning restrooms tell customers that an establishment cares about their convenience and overall well-being. It speaks about their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Achieving it is easy! It starts by selecting a high-speed hand dryer that includes antimicrobial technologies such as SteriTouch® or HEPA filtration. These models ensure that hand hygiene is never compromised.


Sustainable Design

Besides the multiple hygienic benefits, new-gen hand dryers support the sustainability efforts of a building. Their installation gives construction projects the opportunity to earn LEED credits. Buildings can minimize their carbon footprint and reduce operational costs — all at the same time. Best of all, they bring health and comfort advantages to those seeking better quality spaces.

Facilities who've placed a focal point on sustainability saw bigger bottom lines. A Nielsen study stated that 55 percent of global customers are inclined to pay more for products and services coming from companies who had a positive environmental impact.


Universal Design

Besides green building initiatives, customers really appreciate a building that supports their unique needs. Universal design allows your facility to adapt to the different necessities of users, with minimal effort. 

Hand dryers make restroom spaces more inclusive with their universal design. ADA compliant models prevent you from incurring additional costs when the demands of a building change. Automatic and straightforward drying operations assist everyone equally. In addition, certain models feature universal voltage, adjustable speed motor and heat controls, providing an all-in-one solution to various restroom environments.  

Whether it’s a new facility or an existing one, the restroom design should always emphasize on bettering the user experience while decreasing the operational costs of a building.

Enhance Restroom Experience