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School Construction: Make the Most of Summer

As warm weather approaches, students have anxiously started their summer vacation count down. Likely, as a school or facilities administrator, you’ve also started a countdown…one for summer construction.

Renovations that were put on hold while students occupied the school space, can now be done in the coming summer months. Preparations to improve a building’s conditions should be completed before the final school bell rings for the year.

Whether you’re planning a small or large school renovation, consider the following in order to maximize your time, money and efforts.


Seek out help

You’ll need all the help you can get. Especially, if your school is undertaking a significantly large upgrade like revamping your parking lot or remodeling your cafeteria. There’s a high likelihood that the project will be too large for your in-house staff, but not large enough for a traditional design-bid-building procurement process.

Consider hiring a Job Order Contractor (JOC). They offer an effective and flexible procurement method that allows school officials to complete a series of projects with a single competitively-bid contract. To make the most of your budget, request pricing for a series of projects and decide which projects to complete. The process of pricing and approving work moves quickly, saving you both time and money.


Low budget, high impact

If your school received a smaller construction budget, don’t frown just yet! Even with a lower budget, you can still significantly impact your facility.

The restroom space offers a great opportunity to better your school. A restroom is not only a cost center, it is often a place of misbehavior. There are several ways that World Dryer hand dryers can help your building:

  • Reducing cost associated with paper towels by up to 99%
  • Discouraging vandalism
  • Eliminating the odds of clogged toilets and garbage on the floor

Plus, at no added cost, certain models are equipped with HEPA filters (enhancing your building’s sanitation levels) and meet ADA compliance. If you’re aiming for green school status, qualified hand dryer installations offer credits toward LEED certifications, too.


The DIY approach

Being innovative with your school space doesn’t have to cost you a pretty penny. Making simple design changes can positively impact your student body, year-round.

A new paint job can easily add life to a building. If you’re feeling thrifty, and support sustainable practices, seek unwanted furniture from local businesses. These can become staple items to your students’ hang out spots. Lastly, ask for student volunteers. This will not only save you money; it will also create inclusion throughout the process.

When the school bell rings, in September, you’ll be satisfied knowing your students won’t be distracted by the lack of building maintenance.

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