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There’s Value in Your Workplace’s Restroom

Your business centers around your customers. After all, they come first. Well, we’re going to press the Neuralyzer to erase that thought process for a moment. Instead, consider your employees’ needs and their experiences — specifically, think about their restroom experience.

Stick with us here. Imagine working for a company — you go to work every day and multiple times in that day you must enter a dingy restroom for your breaks. Doesn’t make you feel very valued, does it? The environment alone is a downer. Fact is, a superior restroom experience can strengthen the workplace culture and stimulate staff wellbeing.   


Because employees say so

Not convinced? According to Facility Executive, 89 percent of employees associate the conditions of their workplace’s restrooms with their organizational value. They want touchless fixtures, air quality, and a tidy appearance. Sanitation and handwashing also come to mind.

Offer more touchless fixtures, such as motion‑sensor toilets, lavatories, and high-speed hand dryers. To add an extra layer of comfort and convenience, include items like full body mirrors, air fresheners, and shelving for belongings.


Work smarter, not harder

This all sounds great, but you don’t want to overwork your maintenance staff to keep up. This is where hand dryers help again. They don’t require constant attention like paper towels, which need to be picked up off the floor, emptied from trash bins, and restocked like clockwork. Fairplex realized the difference hand dryers brought to its employees and maintenance staff.

On top of that, paper towels can get overpacked. That leaves employees tearing out thick wads at a time or miserably wiping their dripping hands on their pants. Another survey revealed one-third of respondents reported dissatisfaction specifically with clogged toilets, unpleasant odors and jammed towel dispensers were encountered. 


Satisfaction and sanitation go hand in hand

No doubt you care about employee satisfaction. But sanitation may be even more compelling. An unkempt restroom trickles into a poor handwashing culture. According to Occupational Health, the following kept employees from washing their hands:

  • 28 percent due to waiting for a sink or hand dryer
  • 24 percent due to a dirty sink
  • 17 percent due to bad smells
  • 10 percent due to lack of soap

The spread of germs could lead to more illness and less productivity. Put your employees’ needs first. Your business will benefit from a clean restroom.

Okay, now you can go back to focusing on your customer and your happy and healthy employees will too.

Value in Work Restroom