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Sustainability Can Serve Restaurants and Patrons

Sustainability — it’s the business buzzword these days to say hey we're responsible. It sounds good and customers like it. They like it because they appreciate the weight behind it, and they usually can decipher which businesses are truly putting their green foot forward. They patron establishments that care about reducing their footprint.


More than meets the menu

In fact, about half of customers seek out restaurants for sustainable efforts in recycling, food waste reduction, and food donation, as stated by the 2018 National Restaurant Association report. Those statistics will only continue to rise.

Still, restaurants are a different beast. They carry more risk — food safety, grease fires, cleanliness, generating appeal and keeping regular business. They demand a lot as an operation — food storage, big-ticket appliances, turnover, décor and ambience. That all tallies on their tab.

Sustainability is an investment in itself. So, while it sounds good and customers like it, it pairs best when restaurants can get a fast return from their efforts.

See what sustainability means for your restaurant and customers.

Restaurant Sustainability

Satisfy without adding to the tab

Energy and water conservation can turn into a gain for the environment and restaurant’s bottom line. Due to the demand, restaurants consume the higher end of both energy and water. This is another reason efficiency measures can make an impact.

Here are some cost-effective upgrades that will reduce that monthly bill and generate a faster return. High-speed hand dryers can reduce energy 88 percent compared to legacy models. On top of that, they don’t waste as much energy in production or leave a paper trail, like paper towels do. Installing sensor lighting will only use energy when necessary, turning on and off as guest enter the restroom. Outside of the restroom, dimmers set the mood throughout the restaurant and turn down costs. 

But it’s not just energy. Water is our most precious resource and can be saved without a large upfront investment. EPA WaterSense® toilets reduce water up to 87 percent with each flush. Low-flow urinals also conserve water.

Here are some more tips for large-scale and small efficiency measures.