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Why Your Business Should Be ADA Compliant

In the U.S. 1 in 5 people have a disability, according to the Census Bureau Reports. This likely impacts your target demographic. Therefore, meeting the required needs of this segment is crucial for your business. Besides abiding by the law, your facility can create a welcoming experience for all customers.      


Overlooked compliance areas:

When ADA comes to mind, the image of handicap parking spots and wheelchair ramps are the first things that pop up. Clearly, ADA compliance doesn’t stop there. In a building there are many overlooked areas of compliance. Choosing to ignore these areas could result in aggravated customers, legal trouble or fines. Some popular overlooked compliance areas are:

  • Barriers, such as doors: five pounds of pressure or too much of a lip
  • Inadequate space to navigate in wheel chairs
  • Limited access to the building
  • Restrooms: a lack of signage; stalls with insufficient space for wheelchairs; support bars; mirrors, sink, toilet, dryers that are installed too high


Quick compliance upgrades

Upgrading your business to meet ADA compliance, might sound costly, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s important that patrons feel welcomed and find your business pleasant to visit. Here are some quick adjustments that can help your facility become ADA compliant, while creating an enjoyable experience.

First, ensure your customers can enter your facility hassle-free. If there’s an unavoidable step at the entrance, try adding a ramp(s) to facilitate the entrance of wheelchair users. Ramps are typically inexpensive, easy to move and can be stored.

An accessible toilet- with a wide step-free entrance that is equipped with grab rails and an alarm in the event of an emergency- is another great addition to your facility. This will prompt customers with disabilities to feel more comfortable using your facilities.

Make sure to pair up the accessible toilet with an ADA compliant hand dryer. ADA compliant hand dryers ensure compliance suitable for walkways and pathways. Besides solving a popular issue for your customer body, you will wow them with how fast the restrooms lines move. Your facility will save money with this update, while never seeing overflowing paper towel bins again.


Let’s celebrate ADA

While the internet has invented unofficial holidays for every imaginable category. They can sometimes be fun and relevant! This March 16 will be the 4th anniversary of Disabled Access Day. The holiday was born in the UK, where it’s quickly gaining popularity due to its purpose. The day was founded on the simple need to make it easier for disabled people to try something new.


Tell people about it

Putting yourself on the map for this segment is easier than ever. Start raising awareness for your business by listing it on Euan's Guide. This website and app are used by thousands of disabled people to review, share and discover accessible places to go.

Catering to this demographic’s specific needs can help you do good for others and grow your business at the same time.​

ADA Compliant