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A Guide to Hand Dryer Specification

Hooray! You’ve earned the project you had your heart set on. There’s no time to waste. The road ahead is filled with hard work and even harder decisions to make.

You have customers to impress, customers with their own ideas and expectations of the restroom experience. Much can influence your design decisions, from aesthetics to environmental issues, compliance, features and cost.

In a world filled with much to consider, little to no time is left to specify new products. Yet hasty choices don’t make great options either. On a scale of importance, specifying hand dryers might seem like a low priority decision. Even so, if chosen wisely, it can be the one decision that sets your project apart.

Hand dryers are the easiest and most achievable product decision of your project. Our tools and products are ready to help you convince the toughest of project stakeholders. Make decisions as you quickly find answers and testimonials from a range of perspectives to help you earn more than recognition: your customers' satisfaction and trust.


Let the specifying begin

Make your project a real-life success by saying no more to guesstimating. Smart and prompt decisions on hand drying installations begin by learning more about the features that matter most to your building environment. Likely, features such as energy savings, antimicrobial technologies, and ADA compliance are on top of your list.

World Dryer’s high-speed models add long-term ROI benefits to your new building design. Their installation helps save a facility 99 percent of paper towels costs. As there’s no more purchasing, stocking or storing paper towels. Hand dryers also offer fast dry times, getting the job done in as little as 10-seconds.

If that didn’t blow you away? Features like antimicrobial technologies just might. They are specially designed for a world that appreciates added sanitation. It starts with the cover; antimicrobial coatings prevent the growth of fungus, bacteria, and mold from growing inside the dryer. From inside the dryer, the HEPA filtration helps purify the air in the restroom before it touches any pair of hands. The end-user realizes the difference, as they dry their hands with cleaner air.

Don't stop with energy savings and antimicrobial technologies, spec a product that offers ADA compliance too. The VERDEdri® is your all-in-one hand drying solution. It saves time and money with its quick installation and low energy consumption; it meets building codes and adds extra sanitation to any environment. Elevate the user experience with better features while impressing everyone during and after your project is completed.

Hand Dryer Specification