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A Pass Toward Restroom Efficiency

Stadiums are hundred-million-dollar developments, but could this be changing? Attracting people to sporting events used to be easier. As times have evolved, so have the priority of facility attractions. It turns out that having access to clean restrooms is becoming the equivalent of luxury seats and entertainment. The key to optimizing the in-stadium fan experience starts by offering clean and efficient restrooms. 


Kick off the fan experience

In order to win the loyalty of fans, in today’s world, your stadium must be built to meet expectations beyond an initial visit. Elevating the fan experience should be the main focus of your facility. Remember, you’re now competing with in-home experiences, which are far from basic. We’re talking about HD cameras and TVs capturing every angle of the play. Keep engagement, at the stadium, by building for the fans of today and fans of tomorrow.


Score on revenue

Families largely influence the fans of tomorrow. So, you'll want to shape your stadium services to fit the needs of this demographic. A few stadiums have successfully adopted a family-friendly business model to both drive revenue and attract more of this segment. The model consists of offering customers lowered concession prices. Inciting more families to visit. However, having more food and drink purchases equals to higher restroom needs. 

Be prepared when restroom needs arise, don’t let long lines and dirty facilities greet the user. Restroom lines are a fan’s worst opponent! Not only do they put a damp on the mood, they also say a lot about how the facility is being managed. Often translating into how much the customer is valued.   


Win with restroom efficiency

Don’t fumble your chance to keep patrons happy! Find a less expensive route towards restroom efficiency. High-speed hand dryers get the job done in as little as 10-12 seconds, moving users along without leaving waste behind.

Eliminating trash wads, saves time and money; a facility's most precious resources. Begin reaping the hand dryer savings; they cost 99% less than paper towels. See for yourself, calculate your paper-to-air savings with our savings calculator

A Pass Towards Restroom Efficiency