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Increase Student Performance With Green Restrooms

Soon, students will be back for another academic year. Kick it off by promoting green activities to help strengthen school spirit. Did you know school pride can help increase student involvement and drive higher academic results? Incorporating sustainable practices and activities to your school can also yield savings and strengthen the community of your overall facility.   


Better performance

Students with elevated school spirit generally perform better academically, are more engaged and happier. In a Harris Poll survey, 89 percent of principals strongly believed in building their school spirit because of the higher academic results.    

This year go beyond the football prep rallies. Increase levels of school spirit with sustainability teachings, which cultivate positive and progressive school cultures. Green schools offer occupants with many great benefits. Among them are reduced absenteeism, successful recruitment and retainment of staff, and an improved image of the school. 


Spread the message, not the germs

While adding environmental education to a curriculum might be one approach of stimulating student participation. Another is one spreading the message throughout the restroom space. Many schools choose to paint their restroom stalls with positive messages. Try including some environmental ones, too.

If your school wants to achieve LEED status, make small restroom modifications and begin leading the way. For example, high-speed hand dryers reduce paper trail, CO2 contamination, and energy consumption. Better yet, they can be customized with environmental messages. If not already in place, consider introducing automatic flush valves to help reduce water usage and maintenance needs. Remember it’s about spreading the message and not the germs.  


School community

Environmental knowledge is only the tip of the iceberg. In the end you’ll want your school spirit to cultivate a healthy society between students, parents, teachers, and administrators. Through shared purposes emphasize on activities that’ll engage all segments of the school population. By incorporating sustainability activities and discussions, students will develop personal growth, confidence and leadership skills.  

School pride is a product of student spirit, achievement, and determination. It ultimately measures school’s holistic success.

Increase Student Performance with Green Restrooms