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Next Stop: Restroom Convenience

Traveling by road is not as obsolete as one might think. In the U.S. personal vehicles are the dominant mode of business travel, comprising 81 percent of all trips. Leisure travel isn’t far behind, 53 percent of families are expected to embark a road trip this year.

After long traveled hours, motorists and families want an all-around convenient stop. One that will serve them with clean restrooms and a personalized touch. With an app in hand, they will find the nearest, highest rated place. So, if your restrooms look as bad as your reviews say, it’s time to change that and get travelers raving about your convenience store. 


Apps drive business

If we think about the modern-day business transaction, chances are an app was involved. Apps influence how and what customers purchase. In this case, apps like GasBuddy help travelers find the nearest pit stop with spotless restrooms and cheap gas prices.

survey found that 69 percent of respondents, won’t stop at a restroom with a rating lower than three stars. To the relief of travelers, most c-stores have been proactively meeting customer demands. As demonstrated by the 6 percent improvement rate, gas station restroom cleanliness has seen since 2017. Therefore, if your restroom doesn’t currently hold a 3-star or higher review, you can expect fewer visits from new incomers. 


Upscale the customer experience

Begin by addressing your top complaints. Make updates customers will notice and appreciate. To maintain the edge on your restrooms, aesthetics and cleanliness need to go hand-in-hand. Sleek and clean environments are popular in c-stores.

Be bold; try an upscale touch not typically found in stop-and-rest stores. These can include stylish quartz countertops, modern lights, and industrial touches. However, updates don’t need to be expensive. Prioritize functionality in the restroom. A well-maintained restroom can never sour the customer experience. Accomplish this by offering touch-free restroom fixtures, like high-speed hand dryers.

Their fast-dry time gets people in and out without leaving a paper trail behind. Choose a model that is extremely vandal resistant. These features will make the difference, especially during peak hours. Plus, when you switch from paper to air you can save 99 percent on costs. Give customers what they want: a fast-sanitary restroom experience.  


On the road to revenue

An above-average restroom will generate greater positive reviews that will drive increased foot traffic. When compared to those with below-average ratings, spotless restrooms increased foot traffic by 33 percent.

While the restroom is the main attraction, don’t forget about the other service areas of your convenience store. Add a personal touch to the foodservice, gas, and other service areas. Finding out what your customers want is key. Just like everything else, some approaches will work better than others.

Meeting the needs of the customer will not only generate more than foot traffic, it will create customer loyalty. The next time they’re in town, an app will no longer choose where they stop. 

Restroom Convenience