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Stalls for All: Benefits of Unisex Restrooms

Here’s a familiar scene, long lines in women’s restrooms. It happens everywhere: airports, theaters, stadiums, festivals, restaurants the list goes on. The reality is that when nature calls, restroom accessibility for everyone is a major issue.

Despite polarized opinions, unisex restrooms have real value in their design. The fact is, we already use them and know them as “family restrooms”. The design idea was born out of parent necessity. Now, its design can tackle an array of modern washroom problems. Giving building professionals, the opportunity to deliver more user inclusivity and restroom efficiency.


Customer first

To achieve happy patrons, hassle-free restroom visits are a must. To attain that, customers need equal restroom access. On average, men have a 20-30 percent greater access to toilets — including urinals.

Adding gender-neutral restrooms to a facility can offer many advantages. They help reduce women’s waiting times from six minutes to less than a minute, according to a Ghent University study. Other benefits include minimizing building costs and decreasing cleaning and upkeep of restrooms. In addition, it gives users more inclusion.


Regulations for inclusion

Making a facility inclusive is easier than ever. The 2018 International Plumbing Code (IPC), allows female and male occupants to use the same restroom. This means that single-user restrooms can be turned into gender-neutral restrooms, at no added costs.

Extend the inclusion to a restroom project, by ensuring it’s ADA compliant. Hand dryers are the easiest way to meet compliance. They’re easy on budgets and tough on environments. With their high-speed, they’ll blow away waiting lines. Best of all, some models offer customization features. These allow control over sound levels, energy consumption, and speed. These are features both facility managers and users will appreciate.


Inclusive design

Everyone benefits from a design that is safe and inclusive. “Stalled!” provides users with a safe, sustainable, and inclusive restroom space. Plus, its design can service high traffic facilities, like airports. 

This design has taken unisex restrooms to the next level. The user can expect an open space restroom approach for safety. The design features communal stalls and washing stations, extended corridors for ADA compliancy, caregiving rooms for parents, and a lounge.

Stalls for All

Unisex restrooms help people feel like people. Afterall, the call for nature is the same for everyone. So, shouldn’t we all have the privilege of feeling comfortable using the facilities when we need them?