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A Smarter Way of Hand Drying

Modern hand dryers are now faster, more energy efficient, highly durable, and equipped with hygienic technologies. One of the biggest advantages of specifying newer models is the ability to modify them based on the needs of different restroom settings.


Smart Features

No two facilities are the same. Adjustable controls give building owners the power to set hand dryer sound and energy-efficiency levels to the needs of their environment.

For example, in an office building, school, church, or library, users might have a low tolerance to noise disturbance. On the contrary, in high traffic facilities, there might be a disregard for sound but a concern for energy efficiency.

Flexible speed controls deliver multiple low maintenance solutions. Building owners can instantly solve issues by adjusting the airflow of the dryer. Faster speeds help to ensure adequate drying, avoiding the risk germ transference, while slower speeds reduce noise levels.

Smarter Way

Intelligent on/off heating controls also allow facilities to save on energy. With a flick of a switch, facility managers can quickly adapt air-drying temperatures.


Versatile Design

The SMARTdri Series design allows specifiers to customize the drying experience further. Its featured Custom Technology comes available with a single-port (SMARTdri Plus) for a high intensity dry. The multi-port nozzle (SMARTdri) offers a softer, more comfortable drying experience.

Fact or Myth

Many benefits come from specifying hand dryers, especially if the dryer is customizable to the changing conditions of a building.