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Inaugurate Restroom Efficiency

As a savvy business owner, you recognize the importance of an efficient restroom space. Therefore upgrading to a superior drying solution is a must. Choose an installation that delivers more with less. High-speed hand dryers offer significant economic and environmental benefits while providing customers with the best hand drying experience.


Pay Less With Paperless

In most cases, paper towels are the popular go-to choice for business owners. Often, it’s due to the belief that they’re more cost-effective and easier to maintain than hand dryers. In reality, paper towels can ring up the bill quickly. Starting with costs associated with ordering, stocking, cleaning, and vandalism incidents like clogged toilets and sinks. Not to mention the valuable business dollars going in the trash every time a paper towel is used. The yearly cost of paper towels in moderate restroom traffic can be up to $3,562.50. Here’s the break down:

  • 250 uses per towels per day
  • 95 cases of paper towels per year
  • $25 cost per case of paper towels

The expenses don’t end there. Paper towels also put a price ticket on the environment. One ton of paper towels consumes 17 trees, three cubic yards of landfill space, and 20,000 gallons of water. That footprint doesn’t even factor in the electricity. A better drying solution is within arm’s reach, ready to deliver more benefits at a faction of the cost.


Reduce the Mess and the Stress

Begin by considering who is entering through your doors and focus on the features that matter most. Is accessibility a concern? Does the design reflect your brand? Do customers care how modern your restroom looks or how a hand dryer operates? Think of these factors to narrow down your options, like ADA compliance or ergonomics. World Dryer accommodates ranging demographics and demands because your customers come first with the features we deliver.

These little business considerations lead to customer loyalty. Be confident in the choice you make to provide customers with the best hand drying experience.

Restroom Efficiency