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The New Wave of Touchless Restrooms

All eyes on your restrooms — and likely hands are too. Clean and well-stocked washrooms were among users' top demands. Now, all visitors want is to touch as little as possible.

It comes to no surprise; automated technologies are at the forefront of limiting the spread of germs in public restrooms. World Dryer touchless hand dryers offer a quick and easy retrofit opportunity that promotes cleaner environments.


Know the Facts

First, let’s clear the air. There might be hesitation as to whether it’s safe to use a hand dryer. You’ve probably run across click-bait articles that said something like, “hand dryers blow bacteria.” Like in everything, there are two sides. An American Journal of Infection Control study revealed paper slime could corrode machines and cause post contamination on finished paper sheets.

If it’s not the paper process that contaminates towels, then it’s probably the previous user. The problem is that there is a minimal number — five percent — of paper towel dispensers that operate automatically. Users often have to obtain paper towels from dispensers by touching a lever-controlled device.

So, if the person before you didn’t follow the CDC guidelines to proper handwashing, you’d likely be picking up their germs on your way out. Not to mention the cross-contamination that can happen when trash cans are unattended and overflowing.  


Next Gen in Sanitation

It truly comes down to properly washing and thoroughly drying hands with a reliable sanitary solution, like the HEPA-filtered VERDEdri. There’s no waiting time, as it dries hands in as little as 12 seconds. Its hygienic trifecta kicks in with sensor activation. Followed by its standard HEPA filter capturing 99.97% of particles, 0.3µm or larger, cleaning the air before it reaches hands. At the same time, antimicrobial technology protects the dryer from bacteria, mold, and fungus growth. All around, World Dryer offers solutions to speed up the final step and encourage proper handwashing.

New Wave Technologies

Touchless and More to Offer

Many of our daily tasks call for us to be hands-on. Reducing touchpoints on high trafficked areas like the restroom can offer improved user experience and facility cleanliness. Whether it’s installing a reliable and sanitary solution like HEPA-filtered hand dryers or modifying entryways to become doorless, give users what they want — more touchless solutions