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Better Acoustics Refine the User Experience

Noise comes from everyday activities like traffic, people's chatter to the dinging of alarms, and so much more. In a restroom, sound can interfere with adjacent work areas like classrooms or offices. Most importantly, it can also disrupt the handwashing process. Old installations rattle users away, while paper towels cause silent mess and distress. As a building owner, you no longer have to compromise performance for sound. Elevate the restroom experience with a quieter, sanitary, high-performing paperless solution.


Refine the User Experience

In the restroom, there's tumult from flush-to-wash-to-dry. Striking the right balance between power and sound used to be one of the most challenging things when selecting a hand dryer. It wasn't long ago that high-speed models made jarring noises — some might say like a small rocket taking off in the washroom. Recent engineering has focused on improving the sound quality of hand dryers to better the user experience. Limiting this space's sound levels can be quickly achieved with a next-gen model. The latest design accommodates sound-sensitive places keeping serenity when it matters most.


Turn Down the Volume With Better Design and Features

Noise can affect individuals or locations differently. Some sounds have a pitch or frequency that will instantly catch our attention — sometimes not in the right way. World Dryer developed an optimized vibration dampening system in the newly re-engineered HEPA-filtered VERDEdri. It reduces sound and limits impact on nearby areas. The hand dryer also operates with improved sound levels, so it gets the job done without the blaring noises — now that's worthy of attention.

It's also good to keep in mind that not all washrooms are equal when balancing drying effectiveness with sound. Environments like industrial settings, offices, schools, libraries or conference centers have their own sound needs. The three-mode setting controls (low/med/high) can instantly address the noise preference of any building.

Better Acoustics

The HEPA-filtered VERDEdri incorporates these features to turn down the volume without sacrificing performance. The latest model operates 30% quieter than its predecessor. Plus, visitors can dry hands completely and confidently with its touchless operation and standard HEPA filtered air, removing 99.97% of particles, 0.3 microns or larger. Meanwhile, antimicrobial technology enhances the washroom experience by inhibiting the growth of bacteria, mold, and fungus.

Overall, quiet hand dryers make restrooms more enjoyable. It increases the user appreciation of this space by removing the negative impression of unpredictable or unpleasant sounds. The added sanitation features give everyone peace of mind. So, the next time a visitor is in your vicinity; they can focus on the handwashing process rather than rushing out with covered ears.