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Clean Hands Is Everyone’s Business

By now, you’ve probably sung the happy birthday song more than the actual birthday parties you’ve attended. All with the effort to accomplish the recommended 20 seconds of scrubbing. But did you know drying hands completely is also a part of hand hygiene? No, wiping hands on pants doesn’t count.

The link between hand hygiene and public health is undisputed, but what role do clean hands play in business? As tempting as it might be to walk out with damp or half-dried hands — health experts don’t recomend it. You could be undoing all the good you just did with washing. Make good hygiene your business priority. Be confident in your hand dryer installation and in its power to dry hands clean.


Make restrooms the ultimate sanitation station

The restroom space is filled with outdated solutions. Legacy hand drying models operate manually, take too long to dry hands, and don’t filter the drying air. On the other hand, paper towel dispensers frequently run out or, worse, become a breeding ground for bacteria growth.

Promote the best hygienic practices with the cleanest drying solutions on the market. HEPA-filtered hand dryers get the job done with 99.97% cleaner air*. If you’re still on the fence, consider this — most Americans (63%) prefer HEPA filtration, according to our recent survey. Are you ready to bring Cleaner than Air to your facility?

Clean Hands

Health experts recommend hand dryer use

Maintaining good hand hygiene has always been emphasized as the most effective way to protect yourself from germs. The CDC’s updated guidelines recommend thoroughly drying hands with clean towels or hand dryers to reduce germ transference. The new guidance provides peace of mind to facility managers and public members who will interact with hand dryers. You can use the Life is Better with Clean Hands campaign’s fact sheets, posters, and other downloadable materials to further promote hand sanitation.


Hygiene Benefits

Hand hygiene involves the process of killing microorganisms on your hands. When done correctly, it is the most effective way to reduce the risk of frequent illnesses. While we may sometimes overlook the importance of hand hygiene, it's a definite method to avoid getting sick, reduce absenteeism, and prevent the transmission of germs to others.

It's worth noting that washed hands are not necessarily clean if they remain wet, which is why hand drying should be given equal consideration.

Handwashing and drying benefits are apparent to many. Yet only 5% of people follow proper handwashing.  We can no longer think of handwashing as an individual activity but rather a communal effort. No matter the industry, the well-being of people, businesses, and society depends on all of us.


Significance Of Hand Drying:

Drying your hands after washing is often given less priority than washing itself. However, drying your hands is crucial to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Ensure that every part of your hand, from fingertips to wrist, is completely dry. Avoid leaving your hands to air dry, as this may allow some bacteria to persist.

*99.97% effective for particles 0.3 μm or larger.