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Join the Rally for Global Sanitation

Did you know there's a global observance today? It's nothing to do with pumpkin spice or bubble wrap appreciation (that is indeed a real designation). No, today, we draw our attention to something more critical and relevant than ever — sustainable sanitation and public health. 

Global Sanitation

November 12 marks World Toilet Day — an awareness and actionable campaign spearhead by the United Nations.  

Just how critical is WTD? Currently, 4.2 billion people worldwide do not have access to safely managed sanitation — 673 million lack any form of toilet systems, and 3 billion lack basic handwashing facilities. Untreated human waste can spread diseases into water supplies and the food chain for billions of people, and an estimated 432,000 people diarrheal deaths occur every year.

World Toilet Day aims to tackle this global problem and achieve sustainable sanitation and water for all by 2030. Since commencing in 2001 and an annual observance starting in 2013, it's reached significant milestones through working with public and private sectors, including hygienic programs and toilet system installations in health care facilities in wide-reaching developing countries.

Last year, our parent company Zurn was fortunate to donate its solutions and monetarily for future projects underway this year and beyond. We look forward to hearing more about the progress after installation and will keep our audience updated.

Here are some ways you can join the movement and raise awareness on your own.

Straight from the UN — here's how YOU can recognize WTD 


1. Read up

As strange as it is to say, the history of the toilet, and plumbing in general, is a fascinating read. There's plenty to learn about from the ancient Romans to the Middle East to John Crapper and today's futuristic thrones.


2. Post something

From facts to inspirational stories, share posts from the UN-WaterPlumbers Without Borders, or even Zurn. You can find stories, data and social media content from the UN website. Don't forget to #WorldToiletDay!


3. Act on it

With UN-Water and its partners' help and guidance, you can host an event to raise for the cause. You can even virtually connect with others interested in making a difference.


Whether it's simply educating yourself on this global crisis, posting for others to learn too, or taking action, no measure is insignificant. If this year has taught us anything, it’s that we can find community during challenges and personal growth after problem-solving. Above all, we are thankful for our health.