Choose from a variety of hand dryers that will satisfy your design criteria and customer expectations.

You have customers to impress…customers with their own ideas and expectations. Much can influence your design decisions – aesthetics, engineering options, environmental issues, safety concerns, compliance and cost. Don’t give and take between their end goal and yours. Choose from a variety of hand dryers that will match your plans and measure up in performance.

Decisions come down to the details

You wouldn’t hire an apprentice without seeing a resume first. Why select a hand dryer without all of the capabilities laid out for you beforehand? From performance data and spec sheets to certifications and installation guidelines, you’ll know which hand dryer checks your list line by line before you even make up your mind.

Find the support you need to spec your next project.

Cover your bases and options

We offer a tailored approach to our product offering. With a wide range of both finishes and features (energy efficiency, compliance, quiet operation, sanitation), you’ll fulfill your aesthetic vision and project prerequisites. Plus, between our online Buying Guide and on-call expert support, there won’t be any second guesses.

Let us help you select the best World Dryer hand for your next project.


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