Business Owners

Find the hand dryer model that will reflect well on your business and represent your corporate values.

Environmentally friendly and user friendly – let’s face it you want a hand dryer that will leave a positive impression after customers enter your business. Find the hand dryer model that will make you, your staff and patrons happy.

Reduce the mess and the stress

Paper towels add up to even more than trees. They create clutter and extra work for your staff. Paper towels produce a large footprint to manufacture and require a lot of steps, like ordering, restocking, emptying overflowing bins and cleaning up stray wads. Our hand dryers blow the alternative away in maintenance, 99% cost savings, cleanliness, and better sustainability. That’s enough to make you, your staff and patrons feel good.

See how much you could be saving.

Know your customer

Customer loyalty can come down to the little considerations. Think about who is entering through your doors. Is accessibility a concern? Does the design reflect your brand? Do customers care how modern your restroom looks or how a hand dryer operates? Consider these factors to narrow down your options, like ADA compliance or ergonomics. We accommodate ranging demographics and demands, because your customers come first with the features we deliver.

Reimagine the hand drying experience.


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