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World Dryer Launches Next-Gen of VERDEdri

Newly Refined Acoustics and Features

Bensenville, IL – World Dryer Corporation announces the next-gen release of its VERDEdri model. The high-speed hand dryer is the company’s top seller for its all-in-one features. The latest version operates 30 percent quieter and features an extended three acoustic modes for further noise reduction. Its updated design displays an ambient LED light, and universal voltage now extends to 277 V.

“Sanitation is the number one feature our customers expect from VERDEdri,” said Jon Huddle, World Dryer Director of Product Management. “From standard HEPA filtration to sensor operation, it continues to be the drying solution focused on user comfort. Our next gen builds on that. It dries hands in as little as 12 seconds, while only using 3.16 watt-hrs. From there, we refined the acoustics for sensitive spaces and the look and feel for modern appeal.”

The product is available for order August 18, 2020. Learn more at

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