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Three Additional Benefits Sustainable Practices Offer Your Students

There is no doubt sustainable practices in schools impact students.  Because of that, educational facilities are continually looking for ways to improve environmental practices and find affordable resources to do so.  An article in Rachel Hesling’s blog, “6 Ways the USGBC Is Helping to Build Better Schools,” describes how the USGBC created the USGBC Center for Green Schools to offer additional resources that help community partners make schools more environmentally friendly. Here are three benefits that stood out:

  1. Sustainable design can positively impact the learning environment

    As mentioned in an earlier blog I wrote this October, “The Importance of School Facilities in Improving Student Performance,” a school’s environment can have a strong impact on student performance. Studies have shown sustainable design creates a healthy environment where students can thrive.

    2. Creating a virtuous cycle of conservation

    Not only is it important for students to learn in healthy, green spaces, it is also essential to teach students environmentally-friendly practices to empower them to play an active part in their institution’s sustainability efforts. When students are made aware of the fragility of the environment and natural resources, they are more likely to understand the value of your school’s sustainability mission. These lessons will influence their lives and those of future generations, creating a virtuous cycle of conservation.

    3. Sustainable choices save money by reducing consumption

    When schools go green, they cut costs while preserving natural resources, and reducing waste. By reducing waste and consumption, your building will also see a decrease in energy and water costs along with costs associated with waste removal and maintenance. Small sustainable changes really do add up when you consider how many students, faculty and staff use your school building on a daily basis!

One solution that can help your school building achieve these three benefits is replacing paper towels with high speed hand dryers — like the VERDEdri™. VERDEdri is a great fit for schools because it offers customizable sound and air flow features to keep its volume to a minimum, so it won’t disturb classroom performance.

Your school will also benefit from VERDEdri because of the economic and environmental savings it will realize. Switching from paper towels to energy-efficient hand dryers allows your school to conserve energy consumption, cut back on waste and save trees while also teaching students the value of your sustainability mission. As an added bonus, VERDEdri can also help your facility qualify for valuable Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits.

If you would like to see how one school utilized World Dryer hand dryers to enhance the learning experience and eliminate the expenses associated with paper towels, check out how we helped Legacy Charter School. With the money Legacy Charter School saved by switching from paper towels to hand dryers, the school was able to allocate more money to personalized learning experiences and support programs that enable all students to be successful.

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