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Functional Design Improves Hand Sanitation

If you see opportunities where others see limitations, you’ll enjoy this challenge: restrooms. They pose a great need for improvement, making them the perfect project. Despite their low popularity, restrooms are the one space everyone remembers and needs.

Therefore, a restroom design must focus on promoting hygiene and user comfort. Wisely choosing the next hand drying solution can deliver an optimal sanitary restroom experience while boosting the health of a facility.


Hand sanitation

For a business, like in everything, positive first impressions are everything. Often — unfairly — customers judge a property’s overall cleanliness based on the looks of its restrooms. A trashcan overflowing with paper towels may not convey a business’ best image. This scene can expose visitors to more than just negative impressions; germs!

Restroom design can largely influence whether or not people wash their hands. If restrooms have low durable, malfunctioning fixtures, users will likely skip out of handwashing and hand drying. Dirty restrooms and unproperly washed hands create the perfect opportunity for unwanted bacteria to travel outside of the restroom. It’s crucial that building professionals install fixtures that help promote sanitation. Plus, it also shows their deep understanding of the users’ needs. 


Functional design

World Dryer offers the features that matter most such as high-speed, automatic operation, antimicrobial technologies, and vandal-resistant construction. A user never has to worry about experiencing dirty restrooms due to paper towel mess or power another hand dryer with touch. Not to mention, see another “OUT OF ORDER” sign due to vandalism.

A business owner can rest assured that their customers and employees alike leave the restroom with cleaner hands. Furthermore, they will be overjoyed to know their cleaning and operational expenses are dramatically lowered. Not worrying about what is going on in the restroom allows business owners to focus on what actually matters...the customers. Learn why the owners of The Little Owl Social Pub, chose the VERDEdri as their hand drying solution.   

No matter if your new project is a retrofit or starting from the ground up, time is money. Don’t waste any of it specifying the wrong product. Your job is to introduce products that help enhance the user experience and promote sanitation. Our job is to provide you with the products that will help you get it right the first time.

Functional Design Improves Hand Sanitation